Zoom is offering real-time translation for Video Calls

Zoom is looking to one day offer real-time translation for video calls spoken in other languages.

The company will do so by buying a German startup called Kites, which has been developing AI-powered algorithms to “machine translate” other languages in real-time.

The goal is to provide “multi-language translation capabilities” for Zoom users, the company said in announcement. “MT (machine translation) solutions will be key in enhancing our platform for Zoom customers across the globe,” said Velchamy Sankarlingam, president of product and engineering.

A universal translation function could certainly make Zoom indispensable for international exchanges. Currently, the video-conferencing software lets a meeting host several human interpreters, and integrate Zoom calls with a third-party closed captioning service. But the company has yet to offer a real-time automated translation service. (In contrast, Microsoft offered Skype Translator starting in 2015.)

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