Mercedes used in the killing of Young Dolph, possibly located, sources say

The mystery over who murdered Young Dolph may be one step closer to being solved — because it looks like the cops have tracked down the getaway car in which the killer fled.

The vehicle was located Saturday in the Orange Mound neighborhood of South Memphis — on the 1100 block of Bradley Street … this according to a reporter with FOX13, who confirmed the news with local law enforcement officials, who believe they may have it.

Several different photos and videos have surfaced showing a white 2-door Mercedes Benz being towed out of a driveway of a residential home … with neighbors looking on, and police surrounding the area. Per reports, the car appeared to be abandoned here — and still intact.

At first glance … the vehicle depicted in these clips certainly does look like the one cops posted photos of when asking the public for help in identifying it.

While a clear license plate wasn’t visible in the photos that the police threw up … you can kinda make one out in these videos circulating online. Unclear if the person whose property this was found on is being taken in for questioning or not — but ya gotta imagine they’re a person of interest, assuming this turns out to be the car they’re after.

As we reported … two men rolled up to Makeda’s Homemade Cookies — where Dolph was inside at the time — and jumped out, opening fire on him in broad daylight. After unleashing a barrage of bullets that ultimately killed him on the spot, the perps fled in said Benz.

Memphis PD has yet to speak on the discovery — they wouldn’t confirm to us either way if they thought they had something, but based on this preliminary evidence, it could be a match.

Here’s the crazy part … the car was left just a mere 3 miles from the site of the shooting. Is the most visited news, Trending Topics and current affairs website. All rights reserved to Maria Memon Media Group for all content published on this website.