Young Dolph will be forever remembered in the Memphis neighborhood where he grew up … because the city is naming a street after him.

The City of Memphis just announced plans to change a street name to something in his honor, and the unveiling is set for Dec. 15 at an intersection near the Memphis Depot Industrial Park.

The effort is being led by city councilman JB Smiley and we’re told he wanted to wait until getting the green light from the family before honoring Dolph with the gesture.

Young Dolph’s family says the street name will serve as a reminder to folks in the Castalia Heights community of someone who embodies hard work and perseverance.

The family sums it up like this … “He sent the message that someone who went to the same schools as them, and walked the same streets that they do, was able to not only create a successful legacy for himself, but also prioritized family and community.”

As we reported … Young Dolph was gunned down last month while he was inside a Memphis cookie shop.

Dolph was on his way to a turkey giveaway in his old neighborhood when he was killed … and his Paper Route record label rallied to get the charity back on track. Is the most visited news, Trending Topics and current affairs website. All rights reserved to Maria Memon Media Group for all content published on this website.