Yelp confirms that a user, not Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino, added photo of Gabby Petito to his business profile

Yelp confirmed on Wednesday that a user uploaded and removed photos of Gabby Petito to Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino’s business profile on the website.

The family threatened legal action against Mr Bertolino if he did not remove the photos. He responded, claiming he did not upload the photos and could not remove them.

Statement from Yelp: “We can confirm that the user who uploaded the photo removed it today.”

Laundrie attorney Steven Bertolino responds to Petito family demands

Steven Bertolino, the attorney representing Brian Laundrie’s family, responded to the demands made by Gabby Petito’s family to remove her image from his Yelp page on threat of legal action.

Mr Bertolino denied having any control of his online presence and accused hackers and harassers of attacking his business pages online.

“This is sad. I have never used social media or any other electronic platform for advertising other than maintaining a website. I do not control the internet sites nor the hacks and public that have been overrunning the internet with fake comments and posts. Yesterday Yelp had shut down its page for my firm due to inordinate and unconfirmed posts,” he wrote. “I would certainly agree with Mr. Stafford that any such post he is referring to should be removed but advise him that I have no control over that Yelp site.”