Who helped in writing Prince Harry’s biography?

Prince Harry’s biography

Prince Harry, who broke away from the British royal family, has enlisted the help of his cousin Princess Eugene to write his autobiography.

According to international media reports, a royal observer says that JR Moharnagar, author of the biography of the Duke of Sussex, is expected to speak to people close to Harry and his relatives to write the book.

According to the report, Princess Eugene knows Meghan Markle before her marriage to Prince Harry, so it is possible that she is only expected to talk to or contact Eugene because she is in regular contact with Harry.

The report also said that Moharnagar was expected to ignore government channels to conduct interviews with other members of the royal family as royal palace officials refused to reject such requests received from the media. Is famous for

It is believed that Prince Harry has started writing his autobiography ‘Holy Truthful Magazine Memoir’ regarding the change in himself and has announced to publish it soon.

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