Unique feature will be added soon to WhatsApp’s privacy settings


  • WhatsApp soon make it easier for people to hide their last seen, status, profile picture from selected people.
  • The feature is being tested on the beta versions of Android and iOS.
  • The feature is currently under development and being tested on Android and iOS beta.

The Internet is especially important for users, especially on social networking sites. And with that in mind, WhatsApp is rethinking its privacy policy to improve users’ privacy.

According to WABeta Info, a website that monitors changes in WhatsApp, WhatsApp will soon be introducing a key feature, according to recent updates from WhatsApp. That he is working on a feature that was introduced years ago.

WhatsApp is working to further improve its privacy settings to protect users of both Android and iOS operating systems, according to a report by WAB-Ta Info. But before introducing this feature, it is important to explain what privacy settings are and what issues arise when using them.

WhatsApp initially implemented 3 privacy settings: Last Scene, Profile Picture and About. These settings allow you to determine who among the people you contact can view this data. To use these privacy settings, WhatsApp implemented three options: ‘Every One’, ‘My Contact’ and ‘No Body’.

This means that if you don’t want a specific person to see your ‘Last Scene’, you can set your privacy settings to ‘No Body’.

WhatsApp is now about to finally add another option ‘My Contacts Except’ to these settings, which allows you to enable your ‘Last Scene’ and disable it for specific people, but remember If you have disabled the last scene for a specific person, then you will not be able to see the last scene.

This feature is still under development and will be included in future updates for both Android and iPhone users.

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