Weightlifter Talha Talib – Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Pakistani weighlifter Talha Talib fell just two kilograms short of history at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as he lifted a total of 320 kilograms on Sunday.

Talha was representing Pakistan in weighlifitng’s 67kg event at the pandemic-postponed Games, where he lifted 150 kilograms in snatch and 170 kilograms in clean and jerk to accumulate a total of 320 kilograms.

The 21-year-old weightlifter from Gujranwala held the gold medal spot until the final round, in which he was demoted to the fifth position in his weightlifting category. But Pakistani celebrities are honouring Talib, whose performance may not have won him a medal but won him the title of the ‘national hero’ for many on social media.

The fourth-placed participant from South Korea lifted 321 kilograms, while the Marko Zanni of Italy bagged bronze with a total lift of 322 kilograms — 145 in snatch and 177 in clean and jerk.

Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera won silver with with a total lifted weight of 331 kilograms, while Chinese Chen Lijun won gold with a total lifted weight of 332 kilograms.

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