Want more interference from the team captain instead of the chairman, Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja, the newly elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, said that he would like the interference of the captain of the team to be more than the chairman and every player of the team to understand his responsibility.

In his first press conference after taking over as the chairman of the PCB in Lahore, Rameez Raja said that only a select few cricketers in the history of the PCB became the chairman, now it may be the way for the cricketers to take over the arrangements of the PCB, an impression. It turned out that the cricketers could not handle the arrangements, I have not come here to abuse, I have been brought for some reason, I would like the feedback to be open, it will continue to know the facts and constructive response to critics. Will be given

Rameez Raja said that his vision for cricket is very clear, my first priority is to reintroduce in the national cricket team the thinking and ideology that once made Pakistan the most dangerous team in cricket, the betterment of cricket. There are some long term and some short term goals for, we have to make the scared Pakistani team a lion, we have to change the direction of Pakistan cricket, you will see a change in the future cricket.

First class cricketers will get up to Rs 250,000

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that in the current situation, Pakistan and India can not compete, unless our skills and techniques are right, we can not be a better team, as the Chairman of the Cricket Board Cricket will be promoted at school and club level for the betterment of the cricketers and the system. The PCB will bear the expenses of the club producing international cricketers. There is anxiety and uncertainty among the first class players. How long will they play and for how long will they get money? Those who play first class matches will get Rs. 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per month.

The best team was selected for the T20 World Cup

“The best team has been selected for the T20 World Cup. We had to take a chance with the youth. Nowhere in the world has there been so much discussion on selection as here,” said Rameez Raja. We should encourage this team. Inzamam-ul-Haq was fed despite repeated failures in the 1992 World Cup because he was a match winner.

I have no role in the resignation of Misbah and Waqar

The newly elected chairman of the PCB said that the performance of the cricket board depends on the cricket team, we have to review our coaching, Misbah-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis worked hard and honestly, I have no role in their resignation. was not. Matthew Hayden of Australia will be the coach for the T20 World Cup. Vernon Flanders will also be coaching with him. The new coaches have been appointed for the World Cup only. Hopefully, in the T20 World Cup, these two coaches will play an important role in the team adopting an aggressive strategy. There is a strategic partnership with the private bank and it has promised to pay their fees.

I will see Babar Azam as the captain

As the Chairman PCB, my job is to make decisions. I know this is a very difficult task, so I would like the team captain to be more involved instead of the chairman and every player of the team to understand his responsibility. Babar Azam has to understand now. I will see him as a captain. It is very important to know the quality of leadership in any person. It will be possible to decide whether Babar Azam remains a captain in all three formats or not.