Heart-stopping video captures the moment a circus tightrope walker lost his balance and fell 24 feet to the ground — while his mother was perched on his head.

Makhmud Suanbekov, 33, and his mother, Sairakan Suanbekova, 56, were performing the daredevil stunt before a crowded Christmas audience in the Siberian city Tyumen.

With Suanbekova standing one-footed on his head, her son is seen in the clip slowly making his way across the wire before losing his balance. He managed to briefly grab the line before plunging to the ground.

The woman, an experienced trapeze performer, was saved by a safety rope but Suanbekov refuses to use a similar harness.

The daredevil is seen struggling to stand up after the horrifying fall before being rushed to a hospital.

Makhmud Suanbekov (right) fell on his head from an 18 ft tightrope while carrying his mother on his head on December 25, 2021.

He “was able to walk, although he was limping,” according to a statement.

Makhmud Suanbekov, and his mother, Sairakan Suanbekova were performing the daredevil stunt before a crowded Christmas audience when the accident occurred.

Miraculously, he suffered no broken bones in the high-wire mishap and even vowed to be back in time for a New Year’s Eve show.

Makhmud Suanbekov suffered no broken bones and vowed that he would be up and recovered by the New Years Eve show.

Suanbekov’s brother Nursultan, a trapeze artist, also fell during a prior incident and needed almost a year to recover from the serious injury.

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