US spent $290m every day in Afghanistan for 20 years

Washington: The United States spent $290m a day on national development in the 7,300 days of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

According to, a Brown University report reveals that the United States has spent more than $20 trillion on the 20-year Afghan war, with Afghan youth serving as interpreters for the US military benefiting the most. Picked up who became millionaires.

US media have accused Brown University of embezzling large sums of money from Afghan contractors in the wake of a report by the US media, and despite all US efforts to build and develop Afghanistan, the Taliban easily managed to reach Kabul through provincial capitals. Tak conquered in just 9 days.

US Ambassador Ryan Crocker also told Pentagon watchdog SIGAR in an interview that the failure of the United States in Afghanistan was due to local corruption.

Ambassador Ryan Crocker added that most of the multi-millionaire Afghans began working as translators for the US military, and because of their loyalty, they were able to secure defense deals.

The American channel CNBC prepared a package in the light of the report of Brown University, which gave the example of Fahim Hashmi, an English teacher in Kabul, who was hired by the US military as a translator after 9/11.

Later, Fahim Hashmi earned so much as a translator that he set up a company and used his influence to supply equipment and fuel to military bases. Today, the Hashmi Group has its own TV station, manufacturing, real estate, and cargo. Also connected to Trucks and an airline under construction.

Similarly, another millionaire is Hikmatullah Shadman, who was a translator for the US military in 2002 and rented a truck just five years later to start supplying fuel and equipment to the US base, and in 2009 paid امریکی 45 million to the US Department of Defense. Bill paid. Between 2007 and 2012, Shadman’s trucking company earned 16 167 million from US government contracts.

Hekmatullah Shadman has also been accused of bribing US troops and Afghan government officials in exchange for contracts, and in 2014 the Netherlands-based Supreme Group admitted fraud charges and paid $389 million in fines and damages. Had agreed.

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