Umer Sharif’s official death certificate issued

Nuremberg Municipality has issued an official death certificate of Umer Sharif. The body of Umer Sharif has been handed over to the widow and diplomatic staff.

According to diplomatic sources, the Pakistani community and diplomatic staff are busy bathing and shrouding the deceased. The departure of the deceased to Pakistan has not been confirmed yet. An attempt is being made for the departure of the deceased today, otherwise it will be sent tomorrow.

Diplomatic sources said that Umer Sharif’s funeral prayers will be offered today at the Turkish Mosque in Nuremberg. A large number of Pakistanis and citizens of other countries are present for the funeral prayers.

Talking to Geo, Zarrin Ghazal, wife of Umer Sharif, said that the body of Omar Sharif was bathed by a Pakistani citizen Amjad Ali in Nuremberg.

Zarrin Ghazal further said that I have come to get tested for Corona virus, I am preparing for the departure of tomorrow’s flight.

Legendary comedian Umer Sharif died in a German hospital after a long illness.

Actor Umer Sharif was admitted to a German hospital for 4 days. He was being taken from Karachi to Washington for treatment but due to ill health he was admitted to a German hospital.

Legendary actor and comedian Umer Sharif has been suffering from heart, kidney and various other ailments for a long time.

It may be recalled that Umer Sharif started his career as a stage actor in 1974 at the age of 14 and released his first drama on audio cassette in 1980.

Umer Sharif was known as a TV and stage actor and film director. He also gained a lot of popularity across the border in stage and theater.

The comedian has worked in showbiz for almost five decades and has performed in dozens of dramas, stage theaters and live shows.

Actor Umer Sharif’s widow Zarrin Ghazal had requested in a video message from Mufti Taqi Usmani, a religious scholar, to offer funeral prayers for Umer Sharif, which he accepted.

Zarrin Ghazal thanked everyone for the prayers received from Pakistan and India.