U.S military destroyed all equipment left at Kabul

US military demilitarized all equipment left at Kabul

Before the last US military aircraft flew out of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, the US military destroyed or ‘demilitarized’ all equipment left at Kabul, including helicopters and planes left in the hangars of the airport.

In one of the videos shared from Kabul, the Taliban entering and inspecting the left-over, destroyed helicopters in the hangars of the airport could be seen, moments just after the last US troops flew out on a C-17 aircraft.

According to official reports, the leaving US troops destroyed more than 70 aircraft, dozens of armored vehicles, and disabled air defences that had thwarted an attempted Islamic State rocket attack on the eve of their departure.

The only usable equipment left behind was machinery to help the airport return to civilian operation as soon as possible, US Central Command chief Gen. Frank McKenzie said at a press conference.

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