Rapper Travis Scott on Thursday asked victims of the stampede at his Astroworld Festival in Houston to contact him directly to provide them with help.

Scott’s representative said in a statement that families wishing to help in any way would need to contact his team via a dedicated email address.

Nine people have died since the concert on Friday, in which Scott played the leading role. Dozens more people were injured by the unrequited love of the fans near the front of the venue.

Scott had already offered to pay for the funeral costs of the murdered people and free mental health counselling. 

On Thursday, his representative, Scott and his team, “through proper contact, have been actively exploring routes of connection with all families affected by the tragedy.

“He is distraught in the situation and is keen to share his condolences and provide assistance to them as soon as possible, but respects each family’s wishes about how they want to connect. I want to keep doing it.”

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