TikTok star Timbo The Redneck passes away

TIKTOK star Timbo The Redneck was on the rise on the video sharing app.

His mother announced that he tragically passed away on July 31, 2021.

Timothy Hall, who goes by the TikTok name Timbo The Redneck, was a TikToker trying to make it big.

He was a native of Ottawa, Canada and had gained almost 200,000 followers on the platform along with over 2 million views prior to his death.

Timbo was known for his funny sketches.

A GoFundMe page was set up in his name to raise money for his funeral and in two days, was able to gain almost $9,500.

Timbo was only 30 years old when he passed away.

Timbo’s mother posted the heartbreaking news on his social media pages on August 1, 2021, so that his fans would know.

Timbo died after getting into a deadly car accident while with his girlfriend, Corey.

“Hey, I’m Tassie, Timbo The Redneck’s mother. He won’t be making any more videos at all. My son was in a bad accident yesterday and didn’t make it,” Timbo’s mother said in the video.

“I want to thank everybody for all the fans that he had. He loved TikTok and believed in all the fans and everybody that supported him. It meant a lot to me. I want to thank ya’ll for all the fans that he had, and my heart is just so broken.” 

While she did not go into much details, it has been reported that he was driving his car doing donuts in his neighborhood when a truck rammed into him and caused the fatality.