TikTok overtakes YouTube in the UK and US

London: For the first time in the last few days, the graph of YouTube has gone down in terms of apps and has been replaced by TikTok. At least that’s what the US and UK statistics say.

App Annie, a non-partisan company that notes the use of different apps and the flow of data, says that at the app level, TikTok has replaced YouTube, and the average American and British people are using it more. However, YouTube is still ahead in terms of browser usage.

According to the app company, TikTok has “turned the streaming and social media background upside down,” but YouTube is still at the top of the list when it comes to timing. YouTube is owned by Google and is used by two billion people every month, compared to 700 million viewers by mid-2020.

According to App Annie, these figures are for Android phones, but they do not include China, where TikTok is made and is locally known as Dwayne. If you look around the world, you still spend a lot of time on YouTube and people watch it with interest. On the other hand, in most countries of the world, YouTube is the rule.

This is because a large number of people have created their own accounts on YouTube, which is called time investment. According to analysts, the tools that TikTok has come up with to make it more popular, including several ways to make money, could make it more popular.

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