The Weeknd Dethrones Justin Bieber as ‘Most Streamed Artist’ at Spotify

It’s high time Justin Bieber step down as the Prince of Pop, because his replacement is ready to take his place. That person would be The Weeknd.

Abel has reached a milestone that places him above JB — at least artistically. The Weeknd is now Spotify’s most-streamed artist ever, with 85 million monthly listeners.

That’s a healthy amount more than the $83.3 million Justin Bieber made last year at number one … an amount he held for 190 days.

As you may have noticed, Abel has been hot on Justin’s tail for a minute now — even when the latter hit that benchmark, The Weeknd was no. 2 at the time. But with the release of Abel’s new hit album, “Dawn FM,” it seems to have put him over the top.

  The record has been praised by the critics, and it is making a strong showing on the charts. This isn’t long after 2020’s successful work with “After Hours” … which continues to help Abel today, we’re sure.

While it’s clear that Weeknd is deserving of the Prince of Pop title for his Billboard record, Justin Beiber still holds one over him because of his all-time high Spotify record.

While the Weeknd has surpassed Justin Bieber’s monthly listeners … it looks like Bieber might hold the ultimate honor, after reaching a peak of 94.6 million listeners at one point during his reign.

Even so, it seems as though the Weeknd is a little more on the ball at the moment — so who’s to say he won’t make this musical comeback himself?? After all, the night is darkest just before the dawn.