Tamir Rice‘s mother sees a parallel between the killing of her young son and the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse — and it’s an unjust one in her eyes … one that warrants what she calls a takeover.

We spoke to Samaria Rice about the verdict from last week, and she makes no bones about it … she thinks him being found not guilty is BS, and that KR should be behind bars. Of course, the backdrop to that is her 12-year-old, Tamir, was gunned down for doing far less.

You’ll recall … Tamir was shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in 2014 after somebody called in saying he had a gun — which turned out to be nothing but a toy.

With that in mind, Samaria breaks down exactly what she sees wrong with the Rittenhouse case … detailing everything from him being there with a semi-automatic weapon, to being able to shoot two people in the streets … and still avoid all consequences.

She makes a startling statement, saying “this country needs to be overthrown.”

As jarring as her words are, it’s probably how a lot of people feel in the wake of Rittenhouse … despite the self-defense law that a jury clearly saw as applicable here, many feel justice wasn’t served.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been too much civil unrest over the decision — a few protests here and there, some of which turned destructive, but nowhere near what we saw in 2020.

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