Taliban seize $85 billion worth of US military equipment, says Congressman

Washington – Republican lawmaker Jim Banks has accused the Biden administration of neglecting to seize more than $85 billion worth of US military equipment to the Taliban.

Republican congressman Jim Banks has claimed that the Taliban gained access to more than $85 billion worth of US military equipment due to the chaotic withdrawal of US troops, according to the World News Agency. Done.

American Helicopter

Jim Banks, who has watched the 20-year-old Afghan war closely and has important information, said in a report that the Taliban had managed to seize US military equipment left behind, including 75,000 vehicles. Includes 200 planes and helicopters and 600,000 small arms.

taliban in american planes 1

The MP added that the Afghan extremist organization now has more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of the world’s countries, while the most surprising thing is that the Taliban also have biometric devices that include fingerprints, eyes. K scans and private information of Afghan citizens helping the United States were kept.

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“We all know that this is due to President Joe Biden’s misguided policy and the negligence of his administration,” the Republican lawmaker added. Instead of fighting, the Afghan army left the posts or surrendered.

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It should be noted that during the two decades in Afghanistan, the United States had provided a large quantity of weapons and military equipment to the Afghan Armed Forces, which the Taliban took over after taking control of the country on August 15.

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