Taliban fly American chopper with body hanging from rope

A new video has emerged in which a US Black Hawk helicopter can be seen flying over Kandahar in Afghanistan with a body hanging from a rope below.

A body dangled from a US military chopper being flown by the Taliban, reportedly over Kandahar in Afghanistan, in a chilling video shared on Tuesday by several journalists and what the Taliban claims is their official handle.

The video first surfaced on Monday, hours before the US wrapped up a messy exit from Afghanistan, with the last of its troops flying out in military aircraft around midnight. NDTV cannot confirm the authenticity of this video.

The “Talib Times” – its Twitter bio calls it “the English language official account of Islamic Emirate Afghanistan” – claimed that the chopper was “patrolling the city”, without once mentioning the body hanging on a rope from the US Black Hawk.


The Daily Mail has said that the US had supplied at least 7 Black Hawk choppers to Afghanistan last month, in addition to the inventory it had built over the 20 years. All the defence equipment now remain abandoned in Afghanistan.

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