Taliban appoint finance minister, intelligence chief in Afghanistan

Taliban, which has taken control of Afghanistan, has also appointed a new finance minister, acting interior minister, intelligence chief, Kabul governor and mayor.

According to Afghan media, the Taliban has appointed Gul Agha as Afghanistan’s new finance minister and President Ibrahim as acting interior minister.

Afghan media added that Najibullah would be Afghanistan’s new intelligence chief.

Afghan media also say that Mullah Shereen has been appointed governor of Kabul by the Taliban, while Hamadullah Nomani will be the mayor of the capital Kabul.

Earlier, Afghan media reported that the Taliban had appointed the head of Afghanistan’s central bank and education minister.

According to Afghan media, the Taliban has appointed Mullah Abdul Qahar as acting head of the Central Bank of Afghanistan and Himmat Akhundzada as acting education minister.

It should be noted that after taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has now announced that the new government in Afghanistan will be led by religious scholars.

Taliban leaders have also stepped up contacts with Hamid Karzai and other Afghan political leaders.

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