Taliban Allegedly Shoots and Kills Woman for Refusing to Wear a Burqa

Taliban kill woman for not wearing burqa on same day they vow to honor women’s rights

Taliban members allegedly gunned down a woman in the streets of Afghanistan … just as Taliban officials swore they would not exact violence on women.

It happened in the province of Takhar — 8 hours outside of Kabul — where an unidentified female was photographed lying dead in a pool of blood … reportedly at the hands of the insurgents.

A photo emerged of a woman in Takhar province lying in a pool of blood, with loved ones crouched around her, after she was killed by insurgents for being in public without a head covering, according to Fox News.

The killing came amid the group’s version of a charm offensive, after its swift takeover of the country in the absence of US troops, who had been propping up allied military groups since shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid held a news conference to say that the insurgents would honor women’s rights, within highly restrictive Sharia law. The militants urged women to return to school and work, and another Taliban spokesman granted a televised interview to a female journalist.

Mujahid also vowed to grant amnesty to Afghans who worked with the now-toppled government backed by the US.

There are other reports the Taliban fired shots at protesters all around the country. Although the Afghan military fled without a fight, some demonstrators were vocal in their displeasure over the turn of events in the country, and it cost some of them dearly.

There are also reports they beat journalists.

The scene in Kabul is chaotic and tragic … thousands of Afghans who assisted Americans over the last 20 years are stuck — unable to secure the proper papers to flee the country.  Many U.S. military and intelligence officials believe they will be executed once Americans are gone.

The Biden Administration has been widely criticized for underestimating the speed with which the Taliban overtook Kabul, despite intelligence officials sounding the alarm last February that this is exactly what would happen.

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