Kentucky crash on I-64 near Mt. Sterling sees ‘up to 75 cars’ involved in pile-up in snowy weather

According to reports, the snowy conditions caused more than 75 accidents in the Fayette County area alone.

Kentucky State Police and Elizabethtown city officials said a more than 20-car pile-up on the Western Kentucky Parkway shut down both inbound and outbound lanes.

Stranded drivers shared videos and photos on social media, which showed multiple tractor-trailers and cars in the median.

During a noon press conference, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear warned drivers to “not travel” today.

“Please do not travel if you don’t have to today,” Beshear said.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton echoed Beshear’s call for people to stay home as crews worked to clear roads and police responded to dozens of accidents.

A SNOWSTORM in Kentucky caused a massive pile-up that reportedly involved as many as 75 vehicles on a major highway due to icy road conditions.

The arctic blast shut down portions of Interstate 75, the Western Kentucky Parkway, and Interstate 71 by Thursday afternoon.

A snowstorm battering Kentucky caused a massive pile-up, which reportedly involved as many as 75 cars on the I-75

During a news conference at 1 p.m., Lexington police said that there have been 71 minor collisions and 12 injury collisions in the city so far.

The Lexington Police Department is temporarily suspending reporting non-injury collisions in Fayette County. Should you be involved in a non-injury collision, exchange the following information with the other vehicles:

  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle information, including license plate number & state, year, make and model
  • License information for both drivers

Drivers should also try to collect the following information pertaining to the collision:

  • The location and time of the collision.
  • Photos of any damage. (Only take photos if you can do so safely)
  • Citizens have 10 days to report the collision.
  • Call your insurance company to let them know about the collision.
  • Do not call the other driver’s insurance company.

We’re told I-64 near Mt. Sterling has shut down from the 101-110 mile marks because of a 50-75-car pileup. WKYT’s Chad Hedrick spoke with a man who has been stuck in the traffic backup for over 2.5 hours and was told cars could be stuck waiting for several hours.

As snow continues to fall and temperatures drop heading into Thursday evening, Friday morning, the potential for black ice on Lexington’s roadways will increase, says the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

KYTC also wants to remind people about the Quick Clearance Law, which requires people who are not injured in a crash to move their vehicle to the shoulder or off of the interstate or parkway before calling police.

If you vehicle is disabled, KYTC says to:

move your vehicle off the roadway if possible

turn on emergency flashers

to request aid — tie something white or bright to your antenna or window or raise the hood

if you are unable to move your vehicle from the roadway — stand away from the vehicle

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