Salman Iqbal Butt – Help Nadeem Arshad

Arshad Nadeem is a pupil of mine and was an intentionally best kept secret till this morning.

Son of a brick layer from mian channu came to me as a 17 year old. He is an immensely talented elite javelin thrower who has had very little professional training in this event.

The best we came to professional handling when I took him to the Olympic training center in Antalia, Turkey this March to train under the World renowned coach Victor. Our training was interrupted by a severe wave of the Corona virus in Turkey.

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Hence we trained this summer in the sizzling heat at Punjab Stadium in Lahore.We have had almost no Govt funding, and we managed every thing on our own limited resources.

I really need a paperback to narrate our vows and struggle against certain mafia.This morning Arshad was the winner amoung the Group B throwers and Chopara from India was the winner from group A.

So it’s Pakistan up against India in the javelin throw final at the Tokyo Olympics.

So lay back relax and enjoy this competition I promise you it will be a thrilling 1 1/2 hours on this comming saturday at 4 pm PST.

Please support us we need your applause and appreciation.

This is from his local coach. Salman Iqbal Butt. Please support this young man on Saturday

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