Snootie Wild died of injuries he sustained from a shooting

ON the morning of Friday, February 25, 2022, Snootie Wild was found with a gunshot wound to the neck alongside the road in Houston, Texas.

On Saturday, February 26, 2022, rapper Snootie Wild died of injuries he sustained from a shooting.

post was shared to his Instagram around 5.45pm ET, saying: “Gone in body, but your NAME & LEGACY will live forever! 💙 #TeamYayo4Life💯.”

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On Friday morning, authorities arrived on the scene and performed CPR before Snootie Wild was taken to a local hospital.

Police say they were in the vicinity of a reported shooting around 2 a.m., after responding to their Shotspotter Program, which detects gunshots. While en route to the scene, officers received multiple calls reporting shots fired.

Authorities say that the victim received CPR at the scene and was then sent to a nearby hospital, where doctors give him a 50-50 chance of surviving, but died later.

According to investigators, a neighbor caught the entire incident on camera.

“It looks like he accidentally backed into the ditch,” said officer R. Willkens. “Then another car pulled up, and someone got out. The people talking for a little bit, and then all of a sudden, there was some gunfire. Only one shot, actually.”

The police surrounded the neighborhood in search of a man and woman believed to be suspects.

If anyone has any information, PLEASE reach out.