Police deny reports of possible capture of Brian Laundrie

The North Port Police has rubbished reports that Brian Laundrie has been captured.

In an email, the authorities said that “we have received a significant amount of requests tonight regarding a possible capture of Brian Landrie. These reports are unfortunately false.”

The police added that they will be “more than happy to let everyone know” when the missing boyfriend of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, Mr Laundrie is found.

The Florida police department spent Tuesday searching the 25,000 acres Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, looking for the boyfriend.

The department tweeted: “The current plan is to return Wednesday with a similar operation.”

The FBI on Tuesday announced that Gabby Petito was a victim of a “homicide” as a coroner confirmed the remains found at a Wyoming campsite were those of the missing YouTuber.

The North Port police plan to continue their search for Brian Laundrie, as officials in Sarasota shoot down rumors that they have him in custody.

The North Port Police Department said it would resume its search of the Carlton Reserve on Wednesday, after finding “nothing of note” there on Tuesday.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office also denied rumors that he had already been found: “Despite rumors on social media this evening, #BrianLaundrie is NOT IN THE CUSTODY of our agency at this time,” it tweeted late Tuesday.

“We can confirm we have received reports of ‘suspected sightings’ however, none have been accurate.”