Pakistan Defense and Martyrs Day will be celebrated with national enthusiasm today

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Defense and Martyrs’ Day will be celebrated across the country today with national and national enthusiasm.

According to the Maria Memon News, the humiliating defeat of the enemy in the 1965 war and the new history of the bravery of the Pakistan Army became a milestone.

Defense Day will begin with 31 salutes in the federal capital and 21 salutes in the provincial capitals. The main Defense Day function will be held at General Headquarters Rawalpindi, to which Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will address while the families of the martyrs will also participate in the function.

Special ceremonies will be held at Naval Headquarters Islamabad and all Naval, Air Bases and Cantonments to commemorate the September War in which tributes will be paid to the martyrs. Defense equipment will also be displayed on the occasion.

Defense Day background:

The cause of the 1965 war was also the “Occupied Kashmir Dispute”. Ever since the partition of India, India has violated its promises to the international community regarding Kashmir. After a hard-fought battle with Pakistan in the run-off, India decided to avenge the defeat.

On September 6, 1965, in the dark of night, India attacked Lahore from three sides with the help of 25th Division tanks and artillery led by Major General Naranjan Prasad. The enemy had attacked Pakistan thinking that it would succeed in capturing Lahore.

The first step in crushing the enemy’s nefarious intentions was to stop its advance towards Lahore, for which the Sutlej Rangers youth not only sacrificed their lives but also destroyed the BRB canal bridge and made it impossible for the enemy to reach Lahore. Made it. On this occasion, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Nishan Haider set an example of great sacrifice.

This war is considered to be the largest tank war since World War II. India, intoxicated with power, attacked Charwa, Bajra Garhi and Nakhnal in Sialkot with 600 tanks and 100,000 troops to divert the attention of the Pakistan Army from the Lahore front. They lay down in front of the fort and turned it into a graveyard of hundreds of enemy tanks.

At Chonda, the Pakistan Army was led by General Tika Khan, who not only saved Sialkot through bravery and courage but also thwarted the desire of Indian commanders to cut off Pakistan’s lifeline GT Road.

On September 6, the Pakistan Air Force launched a full-scale attack on Indian air bases at Pathankot, Adampur and Halwara. In Pathankot, Pakistan Air Force destroyed 10 Indian planes and damaged several others.

In the 17-day war of 1965, Pakistan shot down a total of 35 aircraft in the air and 43 on the ground, while 32 Indian aircraft were targeted by anti-aircraft guns. In all, 110 Indian planes were destroyed.

Despite the small number of military equipment in this war, the Pakistani forces and the nation proved with their enthusiasm, zeal and passion that they are capable of defending the secrets of their sacred land.

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