Nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan dies

Pakistan’s Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Dies At 85

Nuclear scientist and creator of Pakistan’s nuclear program Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan met the real creator this morning.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was suffering from corona some time ago. He was rushed to the hospital this morning due to ill health but he could not recover.

Funeral prayers of Dr. Abdul Qadeer, who played a key role in making Pakistan’s defense invincible, will be offered at Faisal Masjid at 3.30 pm today.

After the funeral prayers, Mohsin of Pakistan will be buried with state honors in the premises of Faisal Mosque.

Sources said that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan was brought to RL Hospital at 6 am due to his critical condition.

According to hospital sources, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan passed away at 7:04 am. He had been unwell for a long time.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the first Pakistani to receive 3 Presidential Awards.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in Bhopal in 1936. He migrated with his family to Pakistan in 1947.

He received his engineering degree in 1967 from a university in the Netherlands.

He received his doctorate in metallurgical engineering from a Belgian university.

He later joined the Physical Dynamics Research Laboratory in Amsterdam.

Mohsin Pakistan and nuclear scientist Khan played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The late Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is survived by a widow and two daughters.