North Port Police says the terrain in Carlton Reserve is “very difficult to search”

The North Port Police Department (NPPD) provided an update on the search for Brian Laundrie in Carlton Reserve.

NPPD Commander Joe Fussell said there are multiple law enforcement agencies working on search efforts.

Police are using K-9 units, ATVs and high-altitude drones with “advanced zoom capabilities” to search flooded and wooded areas that cannot be searched on foot or on vehicles.

Fussell added that “the terrain is very difficult to search,” as “75 percent of it is wet.”

An NPPD spokesperson said the department will not hold a press briefing at this time.

North Port police commander says 75 per cent of area where Brian Laundrie is believed to be located is underwater

A North Port police commander provided details on Tuesday’s search for Brian Laundrie at the Carlton Reserve in Florida.

The commander said drones were in use and revealed that 75 per cent of the swampy natural area is underwater.