North Port police say they are not “wasting their time” searching for Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve

The North Port police offered a video update on their efforts in the Carlton Reserve, saying they are “not wasting their time” searching for Brian Laundrie in the swamp.

An officer says they are “working as hard to find him now as we did on day one.”

“We are working as hard to find him now as we did on day one.” “We are not wasting our time out here.” North Port Police provided us with this video update on the search today. So far – no sign of Brian Laundrie.

North Port Police provide update on Friday’s search for Brain Laundrie

North Port Police PIO Josh Taylor provided a video link to footage of his department’s search for Brian Laundrie in Carlton reserve.

“Nothing has been found so far today,” Taylor said. “Details for Friday are TBD. We will send out a release when efforts have been halted for the day and possible details moving forward.”

“Again, this is an FBI led criminal investigation and North Port Police are assisting our federal partner in any way we can to bring this investigation to a close,” Taylor added.

North Police police give update on Brian Laundrie search

Investigators searching the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve near North Port, Fla., are looking specifically for Brian Laundrie and not other physical evidence.

“No physical evidence,” police spokesman Josh Taylor told Fox News Friday morning in response to speculation that police may have also been searching for items linked to Laundrie’s cross-country road trip with Gabby Petito concealed in the sprawling reserve.

The FBI confirmed this week that remains found Sunday at a campsite north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, belonged to Petito, a 22-year-old New York native who was reported missing on Sept. 11 and last seen alive at the end of August.