North Port police bring collapsed boxes, food and drinks into the Laundrie home

North Point police have been spotted hauling collapsed cardboard boxes as well as food and drinks into the Laundrie household, suggesting law enforcement is anticipating a long day investigating the property.

The FBI swarmed the house earlier this morning after they obtained a search warrant to investigate.

JUST NOW: An officer was seen carrying what looks to be strips of cardboard into the Laundrie Family home. Right now, we’ve just seen the one officer go in. The FBI investigator has not gone back in.

Brian Laundrie’s parents re-enter their home

Reporters outside the Laundrie family home said that Brian Laundrie’s parents were allowed to re-enter their home after FBI agents removed them.

FBI agents swarmed the Laundrie home earlier this morning as they executed a search warrant at the property. The home is now considered a crime scene.

The Laundries were kept in an unmarked van while they awaited approval from the FBI to return to their home.