North Carolina police respond to reports that Brian Laundrie is in North Carolina

North Carolina Police Respond To Claims That Brian Laundrie Is Hiding At His Grandfather’s Home

Police in North Carolina have responded to claims that Brian Laundrie was hiding out in North Carolina.

Chad Nesbitt, a man who runs live streams on Facebook ostensibly billed as news under the name “Skyline News,” claimed he had located Mr Laundrie hiding out at a home allegedly belonging to his grandfather in New Bern, North Carolina.

Police have responded to an increasing number of reports from people claiming they have seen Brian Laundrie in the area, but said none of the claims have been substantiated.

“New Bern police officers collaborated with the Raleigh branch office of the FBI and four FBI agents who arrived in New Bern to further the investigation,” the New Bern Police Department told reporter Shannon Clowe. “At the conclusion of our efforts, we do not believe he was, or is, in New Bern.”

“We believe we have found Brian Laundrie,” claims the video he posted — and later deleted — on Facebook.