Encounter with man who called himself ‘Brian’ was described as ‘odd’ after argument about ‘guns and politics’

Tourist claims he saw ‘mad’ Brian Laundrie alone in bar just prior to Gabby Petito disappearance

Brian Laundrie was reportedly seen drinking alone and was “angry at the world” a day before his fiancee Gabby Petitio was last seen alive, a new witness has said.

Hunter Mannies, 44, said he was drinking with a doctor friend in Bullwinkle’s Saloon in West Yellowstone, Montana, on 26 August when the pair argued with a man resembling Mr Laundrie, and who identified himself as “Brian”.

Mr Mannies told that he had not paid much attention to “Brian”, who was drinking by himself, but seemed “angry at the world”.

The was reportedly another couple in the saloon that evening.

“Brian”, Mr Mannies said, had been listening to his discussion about “guns and politics”, and was heard remarking: “Stupid southerners and f***ing Republicans.”

Mr Mannies’ friend, referring to himself and another qualified doctor in the saloon, turned to the man resembling Mr Laundrie and replied: “Stupid southerners? She and I both have ‘Dr.’ in front of our names. Do you?“

Asked where he was from, “Brian” said he was from New York and said “I have a name, it’s Brian.”

Mr Mannies told the Post that he “felt watched” for the rest of the evening.

Ms Petito, 23, was last seen alive the following day, on 27 August, before Mr Laundrie returned home without her from a road trip on 11 September. Both Ms Petito and her fiance relocated to Florida from Long Island, New York.

Investigators found a body resembling Ms Petito’s in Wyoming last week, and later confirmed that it was hers. Her funeral was held on Sunday.

Mr Laundrie, meanwhile, remains a person of interest and remains missing.

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