New and improved 2021 Olympia Press Conference

2021 Olympia Weekend: New and improved Olympia Press Conference.

The 2021 Olympia Weekend has officially started with the new and improved Olympia Press Conference.

Watching the 2021 Olympia Press Conference, thanks to the very good streaming service, it was immediately evident that the stage was different.

The biggest change was that the chairs were missing. Just a big, empty stage, with two very big screens and the Mr. Olympia Sandow Trophy in the middle.

The press conference started with Olympia Weekend Chief Officer and President, Dan Solomon, walking on stage alone.

Dan was in a somber mood, he had every right to be. With so many deaths in the industry and the latest one being George Peterson, the huge amount of pressure to keep things together showed on Solomon’s face.

Another person missing from the 2021 Olympia Weekend was the late Peter McGough. Peter is regarded as the best journalist in the history of the sport and he was a great mentor to many in the industry, including Dan Solomon.

After Dan’s emotional introduction, the ‘Voice of Bodybuilding’, Bob Cicherillo, took over to get the 2021 Olympia Press Conference started.

Again, where are the chairs? The new format of the Olympia Press Conference was finally revealed.

Bob would call out two to four athletes from each division, and ask them the hot questions.

At the beginning of the press conference, we thought it was going to be a failure, but as the press conference went on, it was actually enjoyable to watch.

As with every Olympia Press Conference, some athletes stripped down to show the fans what they can expect. The biggest star to give a sneak peak was 2021 Arnold Classic winner, Nick Walker. Nick challenged, Hunter Labrada, but the sone of the legendary Lee Labrada, kept his clothes on.

The top athletes from every division made their way to the stage.

The highlight of the press conference, was when defending Mr. Olympia champion, Big Ramy and 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry made their way to the center of the stage.

William Bonac and Hadi Choopan also joined them. Brandon walked on stage looking like a million dollars, with his fancy suit. Big Ramy also looked fantastic wearing a nice grey shirt and dress pants.

Brandon Cury is confident that he can win back the title, while Big Ramy insists that “Winter is Coming” to Florida. Hadi Choopan was not as aggressive and was just grateful to be on the same stage. The “Giant Killer” William Bonac was full of confidence and believes he can win the title this year.

In 2020, Covid-19 almost destroyed the Olympia Weekend. As the bodybuilding and fitness world looked forward to the 2021 Olympia Weekend, thinking the worst was behind them, nobody expected one of the top athletes would pass away, just a day before the event.

Considering all that happened, Dan Solomon and his team, managed to avoid disaster and organize another great event.