More questionable reports of Brian Laundrie sightings – this time in Canada

A TikTok user going by the name @cwlynnn claimed in a TikTok video on Wednesday that she saw a man that resembled Brian Laundrie who was acting “flustered.”

The witness claims she told the hotel staff about the man’s apparent similarity to Mr Laundrie. The hotel staffer allegedly told her that the man she was describing did not know where he was and had come to the wrong hotel.

The woman in the video claims she told the FBI about the possible sighting and reported it to the local media in Canada.

There is no indication that the FBI or any Canadian authorities have taken the tip – first reported on by The Sun – seriously. There have been at least two other sightings of Mr Laundrie that have not panned out despite receiving loads of attention from people following the search.

A witness told police they saw a man resembling Mr Laundrie near Tillman’s Corner, Alabama. Police found no evidence of Mr Laundrie anywhere in the area.

Later, trail cam footage captured an image of a hiker who resembled Mr Laundrie. After police investigated the area they found the man who was captured by the trail camera and confirmed it was not Mr Laundrie.

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