Microsoft is now a $2 trillion Company

Microsoft can add ending the day as a $2 trillion company to the list of things it’s accomplished today, alongside announcing Windows 11. That makes it the second American publicly traded company ever to have a market capitalization of over $2 trillion (the other member of the club being Apple, which achieved it in August 2020.

The PC market grew by over 10 percent in 2020, according to estimates from IDC and Canalys, and seems to have kept some of that momentum this year. Microsoft also saw success with with its Surface devices, Xbox content, and cloud services — the company says its Intelligent Cloud segment brought in $48 billion alone in its 2020 fiscal year.

The company’s market cap briefly rose above $2 trillion earlier this week, but it had fallen ever so slightly below the mark by the time markets closed. Today, Microsoft was able to make it to market closing with a cap of $2.009 trillion, according to Yahoo Finance.

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