Maulvi Abdul Haq Hammad: now the real owner has come to rule Afghanistan

Taliban leader Maulvi Abdul Haq Hammad has said that before the thieves were rulers, now the real owners of the homeland have come. Maulvi Muhammad Yaqub, the head of the Taliban’s military commission, said the last word for the Taliban.

In an interview with Afghan media, Taliban leader Maulvi Abdul Haq Hammad said that no more than 50 people had been killed in the fall of all the provinces.

He said that the riots were started by the head of Afghanistan who ran away in four vehicles full of dollars. It was decided that Ashraf Ghani along with the team would hand over the power to the Taliban leadership.

Maulvi Abdul Haq says it was decided that Ashraf Ghani’s resignation would go to Qatar and be accepted there, after which a new system would be agreed upon. The better way was for the Taliban leadership to come to Afghanistan.

“In practice, Ashraf Ghani betrayed his team and the nation. The Taliban rule all of Afghanistan today. Negotiations are underway for a unified system,” he added.

Maulvi Abdul Haq Hammad also said that for the first time in 20 years, no Afghan was killed in 2 nights, no nation has suffered for more than 40 years and Afghanistan has been 40 years old.

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