Lizzo Trying to Manifest Banging Drake After New Song Name-Drop

Lizzo says she name-dropped Drake in her new song to turn the tables on an age-old trope of rappers doing the same for women — but it seems she’s actually trying to bang the dude.

The singer told Zane Lowe she mentioned Drizzy on her new song, “Rumors,” because she felt it’d be fun to give society a taste of its own medicine — and in this context, that means flipping the script on rappers/male musicians name-dropping fine women in their tunes.

If you haven’t heard the bar yet, it goes … “Last year I thought I would lose it // Read in’s *** on the internet // My smoothie cleansing and my meal // No, I’m not a drake yet (ha) “

Drake seems to have come out of the left fielder … but Lizzo explained further in ZL’s sit-in, jokingly saying he couldn’t reveal the bedroom boom with Toronto’s certified lover boy. T-I hear it, but like she wants to take a swim.

Joking aside, Lizzo says he included this line as a way to upside down what rappers often do in music: what could be a female / sexual exploitation to lose their name.That’s true … fellows have done it for a long time in this genre … see Biggie’s “dreams.. “

As for their actual relationship … Lizzo says she knows a little about Drake, and he’s so cool.

Still, she actually seems to want some of what he got-at least based on her Twitter activity right after this interview aired. She tweeted to the whole world with champagne papi and wrote: “Hey big head @ Drake”. A classic “wide” atmosphere for modern dating.

Aubrey hasn’t responded publicly yet … but if he responds, what is it? Unfortunately for her, he seems to have both hands full With mom Recently I’m stuffing.

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