Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry dies aged 85

Visionary Reggae Master Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Dies Aged 85 | Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Producer and performer who worked with Bob Marley and pioneered both dub and roots reggae styles dies in hospital in Jamaica.

Jamaican media reported the information that he died in hospital in Lucea, northern Jamaica. No reason behind demise has but been given. Andrew Holness, the nation’s prime minister, despatched “deep condolences” to Perry’s household.

The fast tempos of his work established the roots reggae sound that Bob Marley made famous around the world, while his dub production, with his haunting use of space and echo, is said to have a profound influence on the post. -punk, hip-hop, dance music and other genres. With his gnomic statements and his mystical air, he has become one of Jamaica’s most unusual and esteemed artists. Keith Richards once described him as “the Salvador Dalí of music. It’s a mystery. The world is his instrument. You just have to listen.

Perry was born Rainford Hugh Perry in the parish of Hanover in northwest Jamaica in 1936 and left school when he was young: “he said. He was hired by Clement” Coxsone “Dodd, head of the studio. of reggae and the Studio One label, as an assistant, then as a talent scout, DJ, store manager and finally recording artist. He earned his nickname “Scratch” thanks to his first recording, The Chicken Scratch, in 1965.

In the first of many arguments that plagued his career, Perry parted ways with Dodd and began working with producer and label manager Joe Gibbs, who in turn was cast aside by Perry. He became increasingly independent, forming his own backing band, the Upsetters, with a series of spaghetti western-obsessed early albums: Return of Django, Clint Eastwood, The Good, the Bad and the Upsetters, and more. Again.

In 1973, he built his own studio, the famous Black Ark. He experiments with rhythm machines and the potential of studio equipment. In addition to shooting guns, breaking glass, and sampling animal noises, he also blew marijuana smoke on master tapes to supposedly improve recordings. He pioneered the technique of dub versions of reggae tracks, with the bass accentuated, vocals sometimes removed, and reverb added to create an eerie, resonant sound space. “I see the studio has to be like a living thing, a life itself,” he said. “The machine must be alive and intelligent. Then I put my mind into the machine and the machine realizes reality.

Perry burned down the Black Ark in 1983, satisfied it was possessed by evil spirits, however he steadily continued to report all through the remainder of his life. He gained a Grammy award for the 2003 album Jamaican ET; additional collaborators included George Clinton, Moby, the Orb, the Slits’ Ari Up and the Beastie Boys: “They had been good Jewish boys they usually had been clear inside. Very pretty,” he mentioned of the latter, who honoured him within the monitor Dr Lee PhD. He additionally collaborated with British dub producers Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor. A documentary about his life, The Upsetter, was narrated by Benicio Del Toro and launched in 2008.

Perry was married twice, first to Paulette Perry, from whom he divorced in 1979, after which to Mireille Ruegg, whom he met in 1989. He later moved to Switzerland to reside with Ruegg, with whom he had two youngsters, later reasoning to the Guardian about his new house: “I’m half elf – it’s too heat for me generally, I want someplace chilly.”

In addition to his music, he was known for his eternally young and chaotic sartorial sense, and his mythical statements about himself. “I am an alien from the other world,” he said. “I live in space – I’m just a visitor here.” He was also a devout religious, telling the Guardian in 2016: “God is the teacher, the high priest, the coach, where we come from”, and in 2015: “There is no better teacher than the Christ… The words of Christ are perfect. “

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