Lauren Grandcolas was on Flight 93, died when the plane crashed in Pennsylvania: Frank Somerville

Frank Somerville would you like to hear the tape?

This is Lauren Grandcolas.
She was on Flight 93.
She died when the plane crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11th.

She called her husband Jack from the flight.
He lived in San Rafael.
He didn’t hear the phone so she left a message.

He never released the tape.
He only paraphrased it.
But a year later I was doing a story on him and how he was doing.
I’ve NEVER been so emotional doing a story in my life.

As I was leaving I’ll never forget what happened.
He said:
Frank would you like to hear the tape?

I was dumbfounded, honored and so incredibly touched.

We walked into his kitchen and he pushed the button on the answering machine and this is what I heard:

Honey are you there?
Pick up, sweetie.
Okay, well, I just wanted to tell you I love you.
We’re having a little problem on the plane.
I’m totally fine.
I just love you more than anything, just know that.
And, you know, I, I’m, you know, I’m not uncomfortable and I’m okay, for now.
Umm. It’s a little problem.
So I’ll a-

I, I just love you.
Please tell my family I love them, too.

Bye, honey.

Jack says she was trying to say:
I’ll see you later
But she couldn’t because she knew she wouldn’t.

I cried the whole way home.

Please feel free to share where you were and what you were doing and what you remember from that day.
And any pics you might have.
I have think it will make for a very interesting thread.

As an aside to this story I have to be honest when I say that I have since lost all respect for President Bush, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice because of the Iraq war that followed the attacks.

I’ve never once heard them publicly apologize for sending so many U.S. Troops to their deaths based on horrible information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

They had zero WMD.

Yet never once have I heard any of them say two words publicly:
I’m sorry.

I hope that for the rest of their lives they think about all those young men and women who were serving our country when they were killed for nothing because of the huge mistakes from the White House.

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