Johnny Depp’s Instagram followers has increased despite losing a lawsuit

The number of Instagram followers is increasing despite the loss of a lawsuit against Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp in a domestic violence case filed by a British magazine.

Johnny Depp’s social media site Instagram has 11 million followers, while the actor himself has only 123 Instagram users.

In addition, Johnny Depp has recently attended the annual film festival Zachtown of Carlovy Vary, despite criticism from women’s rights activists over losing a domestic violence case.

Women’s charities, including Women’s Aid based in the UK, have criticized festival organizers for inviting Depp, saying the actor’s participation in the festival and other events has reduced the severity of domestic violence and the suffering of its victims. What’s up?

Responding to the criticism, a spokesperson for the festival said, “We have invited Johnny Depp as a distinguished filmmaker who will be presenting two of his films here.”

It should be noted that actor Johnny Depp lost a defamation suit filed against a British magazine in November 2020 in which he was described in a news story as ‘Wife Better’.

A London High Court judge has ruled that Johnny Depp should not be allowed to appeal to actress Amber Heard for intimidating and torturing her during her relationship with him.

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