Joe Francis claims his daughters have not been seen in over a week and now their mother is facing a kidnapping charge south of the border.

According to new legal docs, obtained by us, the girls’ mother, Abbey Wilson, has been ignoring court orders to let Joe see their twin daughters and the trio has fallen off the grid.

Remember … Joe has a huge estate in Mexico and his daughters were born back in 2014 near Puerto Vallarta.

In the docs, Joe claims he was supposed to have the girls on Christmas but the mother never showed up with them on his doorstep … and the kids haven’t been seen in 10 days.

According to the docs, Abbey is also accused of family violence … and authorities have been unable to serve her with legal papers as they can’t find her … because she hasn’t been living at her listed address for at least 6 months.

In the docs, Joe claims Abbey and the kids are actually living with another man.

Our sources tell us Abbey is being charged with kidnapping, and an amber alert is about to be issued.

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