Joe Biden accepted responsibility for the evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan

Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal, recommits to evacuate remaining Americans

US President Joe Biden has accepted responsibility for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, calling the withdrawal an “extraordinary achievement.”

In his address to the American people, Joe Biden said that he spent $300 million a day in Afghanistan for 20 years. They do not want to throw the next generation of Americans into a war that should have ended long ago.

Biden thanked US commanders, troops and diplomats for making the evacuation possible, saying “we will not be able to pay for the deaths of 13 American soldiers in the ISIS attack. I sent 6,000 troops to secure Kabul airport.”

“We have to learn from our mistakes, set goals that can be achieved,” he said. It was not in America’s interest to spend a third decade in Afghanistan. If we had stayed longer in Afghanistan, the Taliban would have had the right to attack our troops. If we had respected the deadline, the Taliban would have been obliged not to attack American troops.

“After Trump’s deal with the Taliban, the situation changed dramatically. We could not stay in Afghanistan indefinitely,” Biden said. The world is changing, we are facing many new challenges from China and Russia, Russia and China want the United States to be entangled in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden added that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was pre-planned, that when I came to power, a 2020 agreement had been reached with the Taliban, and that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a unanimous decision of the civilian and military leadership. The evacuation work continued for 24 hours for 17 days. If the evacuation had been delayed, the situation would not have been free from danger.

“Ninety percent of Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan. We believe that 100 to 200 Americans still want to leave Afghanistan. We hope that the Taliban will keep their promises. We do not believe the Taliban,” he said. Will see the process.

He also said that Americans who still want to leave Afghanistan will be assisted, and that our mission in Afghanistan will continue as long as the Americans and their allies want to leave.

“During the election campaign, I promised the American people that I would end this war. I am not ready to continue a war that does not serve the national interest of the United States,” he said.

Addressing the nation, Biden said more than 2,400 US troops had been killed and about 23,000 wounded in the Afghan war. Twenty years from now, I will not allow any more American lives to be lost, we need to look to the future instead of the past. I don’t think the security of the Americans could have been enhanced by keeping thousands of troops in Afghanistan and spending billions of dollars. The United States must change its strategy, we no longer need troops on the ground to fight terrorism.

In his speech, the US President also said that he believed that the decision to withdraw was the right one, that it was the right decision to end the war, that the war should have ended long ago. ۔ We taught bin Laden a lesson a decade ago, defeated al Qaeda, now the world is changing, in this new world there are threats like al-Shabab, al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS. Our war against ISIS Khorasan is not over.

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