Jeff bezos is funding a lab which make him immortal


Altos Labs, a biological reprogramming tech company, is allegedly attracting big name investors such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner, according to MIT Technology Review. The company is currently luring some of the world’s top scientists to join with big salaries and promises to give them free reign on their anti-aging research.

The world’s richest man has already invested in anti-ageing research, most notably in a San Francisco biotech startup named Unity Technologies in 2018, which aims to develop anti-ageing therapies.

Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, a biologist at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, is amongst the many scientists coming aboard Altos. He made waves in 2017 when he began research into creating a human/pig chimera. Shinya Yamanaka, a scientist and Nobel Prize winner for his research into aging reversal in cells, will also be joining as the chair on Altos scientific advisory board.

“Although there are many hurdles to overcome, there is huge potential,” said Yamanaka to MIT Technology Review.

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