Japan names more than 1,000 individuals in Pandora Papers

More than 1,000 Japanese companies and individuals are listed in Pandora Papers

The names of more than a thousand Japanese businesses and individuals have appeared in Pandora Papers, raising the possibility of a turnaround in Japanese politics.

According to the details, Japan’s top businesses and top politicians and prominent businessmen had set up companies in other British islands, including Panama, to save their wealth, including Japan’s leading telecom company Softbank. The company was also named after the son of Japan’s group chairman and CEO, who bought the jet, which was later transferred to American Ventures.

Also included in the Pandora Papers is Takeo Hirata, a prominent Japanese political figure and head of the Chief Cabinet Secretariat, who has set up a company in the Virgin Islands. He has also been the former general secretary of the Ball Association.

There is also a company in the British Virgin Islands owned by a Japanese citizen named George Hara with assets of اک 31 million.

George Hara invests in technology and has denied any such business.

The Pandora Papers contain the names of more than a thousand Japanese personalities and businesses, and it remains to be seen what action the government will take to investigate the matter.