Is Brian Laundrie still alive? Former US Marshal fugitive hunter thinks so

Every man and his Dog the Bounty Hunter is looking for Brian Laundrie.

Some believe he couldn’t have survived the alligator-infested waters of the reserve where authorities have focused much of their search. Divers have even returned to the area to peer beneath the surface for any sign of the suspect in Gaby Petito’s death.

But retired US Marshall Craig Caine, who supervised members of the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force, told News 4 that Laundrie was likely never at that nature preserve at all.

“I think it was all a ploy. He had plenty of time to calculate those moves,” Caine told the outlet.

He said the “critical moment” was Laundrie’s parents finding his silver Mustang in the Carlton reserve, driving it home, and waiting three days before calling police to report him missing.

“You’re gonna leave your son out in the preserve with no form of communication and no way to get home? Does that make sense to anybody?” Caine told News 4. “I don’t even think he was ever in that preserve.”

The parents of Brian Laundrie have denied any involvement in their son’s disappearance, and on Monday directly addressed the speculation in a statement released to media by their attorney.

“The speculation by the public and some in the press that the parents assisted Brian in leaving the family home or in avoiding arrest on a warrant that was issued after Brian had already been missing for several days is just wrong,” Steven Bertolino said in the statement.