An Iraqi father Munthar Al L. has been accused of sexually assaulting a wheelchair bound 90-year-old woman inside a German hospital toilet.

According to prosecutors, 33-year-old Iraqi Munthar Al L. (pictured) pushed his way into the toilet after 90-year-old Lili F. entered and 'severely' sexually abused her

The disabled widower, named in German court as Lili F., was waiting for an X-ray in the emergency room of the Dresden-Friedrichstadt hospital after a fall.

According to the indictment, the Iraqi Munthar Al L. (33) pushed his way to the toilet and abused her severely. Now he is standing in front of the Dresden regional court “for rape with willful bodily harm,” said Chief Public Prosecutor Lorenz Haase.

The man has been charged with ‘rape with wilful bodily harm’, Chief Public Prosecutor Lorenz Haase said.

Munthar Al L. has denied the accusations, and claims that he wanted to help Lili F. by taking her to the bathroom.

Lili F lives in a retirement home, the newspaper reported, and was at the hospital’s emergency room for an X-ray after suffering a fall.

In a video testimony – recorded so she did not have to attend court in-person – the elderly woman said that while in the waiting area she wanted to go to the toilet.

It was as she was entering the room that she was accosted by the man, she said.

‘Suddenly someone pushed the wheelchair at the door and sat me in the toilet,’ she told the court in her testimony.

Pictured: Munthar Al L. is seen in handcuffs. He has been charged with 'rape with wilful bodily harm', Chief Public Prosecutor Lorenz Haase said, according to Bild

‘At first I thought it was a nurse. But when he wordlessly rubbed his hands between my legs and touched my chest, I got scared.’

Ever since the assault, Lili F said she has experienced nightmares.

The defendant, from Gorbitz, lives with his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

Munthar Al L. suffers from Kidney disease, according to Bild, saying he drinks ‘eight beers and a bottle of ouzo every day.’

The man denies the accusations made by the 90-year-old, and told the court: ‘She’s lying! I wanted to help, just took her to the bathroom.’

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