Everything regarding the case of student expulsion for speaking out against witnessing workplace harrassment.

Mohammad Gibrail was punished for taking to social media to report the incident instead of using the “right channels” established by the institute, according to a statement shared on IBA’s Facebook page.

It said the student “was given multiple occasions to reconsider his actions and was counselled numerous times to reassess his actions. Having failed to do that, the Disciplinary Committee has decided to expel the student as the IBA has zero-tolerance policy towards the violation of its rules and regulations.”

Chapter 1

A 9th semester, ECO student, Gibrael, made a public post on his fb profile, on the 25th of August, about witnessing verbal, workplace harrassment of an employee within the finance department. Link to said post:


IBA got wind of this and called him for DC hearings.

Chapter 2

They called him for his first DC hearing on 16th September (which they are now calling a “talk” and denying was ever a hearing), giving him only a day’s notice for it, if I’m not wrong, someone feel free to fact check me on this. Where they sat, 15 professors to one student, and interrogated him, trying to get him to revoke his fb post and put out a public apology for it. About 15 students had shown up for his support in this hearing. They separated him from them, to interrogate alone. He refused to take down his post and so they charged him with 3 things. 1- Defamation of the institute. 2- Defamation of the character of the alleged harrasser, because he is innocent until proven guilty. 3- Making a mistake by posting on his social media, instead of adopting “proper”, internal channels to deal with the issue and not apologising for it. Mind you, the victim has been using the proper channels to complain about this for 2 years allegedly and nothing has been done for her. She was told “managers kakaamcheekhnahotahai.”

Also, they did not let him get a word in, in this hearing. It was just 15 people (which jbtw, is more than the number of people in the DC itself, so why were they all even there?), attacking one student, he was not given a space to defend his actions. And what is being termed defamation is incorrect for it is only defamation if it’s untrue. Which his account is not. Also, they explicitly told him that they were considering expulsion as a penalty if he didn’t revoke his post, but have denied having ever said that, post-hearing.

Chapter 3

They called him for his second hearing yesterday, 28th September. Again, with a day’s notice. He’s had fever for 2 days now and hasn’t been feeling well, which they did not cater to at all. Meanwhile he’s also having hourlies. And it was chelum yesterday, which technically should’ve been an off. About the hearing, Gibrael clearly stated that he would not proceed with the hearing without being allowed to record its happenings. They did not agree to this. They tried offering that they would record it on an IBA device and he could ask for access to the recording if it was for legal purposes (it was requested this be given to him in writing, this was ignored). Which he refused. He said we both should use our own devices to keep our own record. To which they said no, and refused him the hearing altogether. The messenger asked him on their behalf whether he would be fine then with them reaching a verdict without his side being heard, the implication being that this is exactly what would happen if he didn’t comply with their demands. Gibrael just reiterated that he would not participate in the hearing without being allowed to record. He waited from 9 – 10, which was the duration of the meeting, where this back and forth happened happened in the first 20 minutes or so and then left without having any hearing. Because they refused him one. His post on the second hearing:


Chapter 4, other updates:

The actual case of alleged workplace harrassment is apparently being pursued by the Anti-harassment committee as a separate case from this one.

Meanwhile, students gathered for protests (against the harrassment of said employee and Gibrael’s expulsion) on 17th, 20th, 21st, and (today) 29th September.

An email was written to the dean, where alumni were asked to add their names and designations to show support:


A Google form was created to record all the harassment cases by IBA management towards students/alumni. With the intention of contacting IBA to take action against them as soon as we receive enough responses. “Kindly those who were bullied or harassed by IBA staff fill this form and ask your friends as well who went through similar experience.”:


IBA Today’s posts about it:

  1. https://iba-today.com/iba-protest-a-message-from-students-of-iba/

2) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUIZ6q7g-yp/

Some existing tweets on this:

Chapter 5:

He’s been expelled.

Chapter 6

Spread this around as much as possible now.


If you’re an alumni, email Akbar Zaidi and demand an explanation and that they revet their decision, this is nonsense.

Also, go comment on this post they’ve made on their fb page:


Everything regarding the case of student expulsion for speaking out against witnessing workplace harrassment.