I left Afghanistan to avoid Bloodshed, Ashraf Ghani

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told the story of leaving Kabul and said that he had left Afghanistan to avoid Bloodshed.

Ashraf Ghani, who left Kabul for Tajikistan, is now in the UAE.

He told the whole story before leaving Kabul on Sunday and said that he had left Afghanistan under duress. Enemies were coming to Kabul looking for me from one room to another.

He said that many leaders left Afghanistan before us, then came back, I left Kabul under duress.

Ashraf Ghani also said that the biggest asset of my life is the book, he did not want bloodshed in Kabul.

He said that he was hopeful that these nights of despair and frustration would soon end and Afghanistan would once again move towards independence and development.

The former Afghan president said that he was working with the Taliban on government formation. Suddenly in the afternoon, my security personnel came and took me out of there.

“The Taliban told me not to enter Kabul. When I left the presidential palace, they were near the palace gates,” he said.

Ashraf Ghani said that I was forced out of Afghanistan so that there would be no bloodshed, I am with my people, I do not want bloodshed.

“You all know I’m not afraid to die with dignity,” he said.

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