Hurricane Henri Tracker and Tropical Cyclones

Henri has continued to weaken over land and synoptic surface observations indicate that its maximum winds have decreased to near 25 kt. A little more weakening is likely during the next 48 hours, and simulated satellite imagery from the global models indicate that the system will be post-tropical after its expected re-emergence into the Atlantic in 36 hours or so. Beyond 48 hours the dynamical guidance suggests that the system will lose its identity.


Satellite imagery and surface data indicate that the center is moving slowly west-northwestward, or 290/7 kt. Henri is interacting with another cyclonic circulation over the northeastern United States. As a result of this interaction, the tropical cyclone is expected to briefly come to a halt overnight, turn toward the east-northeast on Monday, and continue an east-northeastward motion into Tuesday. The official forecast track is similar to the dynamical model consensus, TVCN.

Satellite View:

Although Henri’s winds are weakening, the cyclone will still continue to be a prolific rain producer, resulting in significant flooding across southern New England and portions of the northern mid-Atlantic states for the next day or two.

This is the last advisory by the National Hurricane Center on Henri. Future information on this system can be found in Public Advisories issued by the Weather Prediction Center beginning at 5 AM EDT, under AWIPS header TCPAT3, WMO header WTNT33 KWNH, and on the web at

Key Messages:

  1. Heavy rainfall will continue to lead to considerable flash, urban, and small stream flooding, along with the potential for
    additional minor to isolated moderate river flooding over portions of Long Island, New England, eastern New York, New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.


INIT 23/0300Z 41.9N 73.2W 25 KT 30 MPH…INLAND
12H 23/1200Z 42.1N 73.6W 25 KT 30 MPH…INLAND
24H 24/0000Z 42.4N 72.5W 25 KT 30 MPH…INLAND
36H 24/1200Z 42.8N 69.5W 25 KT 30 MPH…POST-TROPICAL
48H 25/0000Z 43.4N 65.5W 20 KT 25 MPH…POST-TROPICAL

Storm Track Statistics

DateTimeLatLonWindPressureStorm TypeCategory
Aug 1603:00 GMT33.2-62.730 mph1,014 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1606:00 GMT32.6-62.835 mph1,012 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1609:00 GMT32.4-62.935 mph1,012 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1612:00 GMT31.7-62.835 mph1,012 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1615:00 GMT31.3-62.835 mph1,012 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1618:00 GMT31.1-62.835 mph1,012 mbTropical Depression
Aug 1621:00 GMT31-62.940 mph1,010 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1700:00 GMT30.9-6340 mph1,010 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1703:00 GMT30.7-63.345 mph1,008 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1706:00 GMT30.6-63.545 mph1,008 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1709:00 GMT30.6-63.750 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1712:00 GMT30.5-6450 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1715:00 GMT30.4-64.350 mph1,004 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1718:00 GMT30.4-64.360 mph1,000 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1721:00 GMT30.4-64.265 mph997 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1800:00 GMT30.2-64.565 mph997 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1803:00 GMT30-65.165 mph998 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1806:00 GMT30-65.165 mph998 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1809:00 GMT30.1-65.765 mph998 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1815:00 GMT30-66.665 mph998 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1821:00 GMT29.9-67.670 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1903:00 GMT29.8-68.570 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1909:00 GMT29.5-69.570 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1915:00 GMT29.5-70.570 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 1921:00 GMT29.7-71.465 mph997 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2003:00 GMT29.8-72.365 mph997 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2009:00 GMT30.2-73.165 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2012:00 GMT30-73.765 mph995 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2015:00 GMT30.4-73.765 mph996 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2018:00 GMT30.8-73.870 mph994 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2021:00 GMT31.2-73.970 mph994 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2100:00 GMT31.6-73.870 mph994 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2103:00 GMT32.3-73.570 mph994 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2106:00 GMT32.4-73.470 mph996 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2109:00 GMT33.1-73.270 mph996 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2112:00 GMT33.6-72.770 mph993 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2115:00 GMT34.4-72.575 mph991 mbHurricane1
Aug 2118:00 GMT35.4-71.875 mph991 mbHurricane1
Aug 2121:00 GMT36.3-71.475 mph991 mbHurricane1
Aug 2200:00 GMT37.4-7175 mph988 mbHurricane1
Aug 2203:00 GMT38.6-7175 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 2206:00 GMT39.3-7175 mph987 mbHurricane1
Aug 2209:00 GMT40.1-71.275 mph986 mbHurricane1
Aug 2210:00 GMT40.3-71.275 mph986 mbHurricane1
Aug 2211:00 GMT40.6-71.270 mph986 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2212:00 GMT40.7-71.370 mph986 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2213:00 GMT40.8-71.465 mph987 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2214:00 GMT40.9-71.465 mph987 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2215:00 GMT41.1-71.660 mph987 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2216:30 GMT41.3-71.860 mph989 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2218:00 GMT41.4-71.850 mph991 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2221:00 GMT41.6-72.440 mph997 mbTropical Storm
Aug 2300:00 GMT41.7-72.835 mph1,000 mbTropical Depression
Aug 2303:00 GMT41.9-73.230 mph1,002 mbTropical Depression
Aug 2309:00 GMT41.6-74.430 mph1,005 mbTropical Depression
Aug 2315:00 GMT41.4-73.730 mph1,005 mbTropical Depression

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