Huge California wildfire destroys many buildings

San Francisco: The Beckworth Complex Fire, the largest wildfire ever in the US state of California, scorched 83,926 acres of land with only 8 percent control and destroyed many buildings, according to Inciweb, an interstate incident information system. Is done.

The fire showed no signs of slowing its rush northeast from the Sierra Nevada forest area, after doubling in size between July 9-10, Xinhua news agency quoted Inciweb on Sunday.

On July 10, U.S. Route 395, a main highway connecting Northern California and the Central Valley in the rural Sierra Nevada Mountains, burst into flames and forced closure.

Doyle, a small town in California’s Lassen County, standing on Highway 395, was reported to have been damaged by wildfires on Sunday after the fire spread about three miles northeast in 24 hours.

Photos posted by Craig Philpott, an independent fire reporter based in Northern California, showed that several structures in the small town with about 600 residents were burning.

After Doyle’s residents received the evacuation order on July 8, the local ABC 8 news channel reported that many people fled their homes with concerns that what happened in November last year would happen again.

Last year, the Laura 2 fire destroyed more than 40 homes and buildings in the city.

In a virtual community meeting on July 10, Incident Commander Rocky Opliger said that severely dry and hot temperatures, topographic arrangements and funneling southwest winds through the area affected the efforts of 1,800 firefighters to quell aggressive fires. .

The National Weather Service issued an extreme heat warning for the region through Tuesday.

The weather forecast for Doyle on Sunday afternoon gave a 40°C warning.